June 24, 2015

June 24, 2015


June 24, 2015 in the Public Library Memorial Room.


Elected Officers – Mayor Ronald A. Frohne II, Trustee Robin Moshier, Trustee Frances Hazelton, Trustee Warren Leonard, and Trustee Donna Bordinger.

Appointed Officers – Cindy L. Hall, Treasurer, Dayle A. Barra, Clerk, Harriett Geywits, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer. Also present Fire Chief Hallock and Water Treatment Plant Manager Douglas Bordinger.

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by Mayor Frohne, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Property Maintenance Hearing:

Motion to declare the following properties, as reported by ZEO, a public nuisance and authorize remediation pursuant to Property Maintenance Code § 207-9 of Village Code by Trustee Moshier, 2nd by Trustee Bordinger. Trustees Moshier, Leonard, Hazelton, Bordinger and Mayor Frohne voted yes.

8 James Street              241 Main Street

Zoning Enforcement Officer – Keith Sterling received a few local permit applications which he discussed with the Board.


WHEREAS, on May 12, 2015, the Board of Trustees of the Village of Richfield Springs authorized the Village Clerk, Dayle Barra, to issue a public notice with the Official newspaper, as required by law, for the purchase of a Kubota tractor for use by the Department of Public Works; and

WHEREAS, three sealed bids were received for said purchase of Kubota tractor; and

WHEREAS, the bids were publicly opened at the meeting of June 24, 2015; and

WHEREAS, the Board reviewed the bids and the recommendation of The Department of Public Works Superintendent, Bill Collins; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Randall Imp. Co. Inc., 2991 State Highway 55, Fultonville, NY 12072 hereby be awarded the contract in accordance with their bid for the amount of $28,856.00 and upon execution of proper documents per contract terms.

 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Board authorizes Mayor Frohne to execute said bid contract.

Motion to adopt resolution by Trustee Hazelton, 2nd by Trustee Leonard– all voted yes.

Motion to approve minutes from 6/9/2015 by Trustee Moshier, 2nd by Trustee Bordinger – all voted yes except Trustee Hazelton; who abstained.

Treasurer – Cindy Hall

  • Mostert, Manzanero & Scott, LLP, have not showed up to complete the agreed-upon procedures per contract terms and, as a result, Treasurer cannot perform financial obligations and duties. Treasurer has no real recourse but to resume accounting system and reporting used prior to initiating MMS services.
  • Chris Butler asked that the Treasurer pay him for unused vacation time of 58.3 hours on the previous week’s paycheck. She could not do this without prior Board Approval. Motion to approve, on a one-time basis solely, for unused vacation hour totaling $1011.50 by Trustee Leonard, 2nd by Trustee Moshier – all voted yes.

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer – Harriett Geywits

  • Updates on DAR fountain, and the Cemetery including the many bags of garbage recently littered on Cemetery grounds.

Clerk – Dayle Barra

  • Abstract #02 Funds: General $6495.32, Water $922.17, Sewer $42,229.94, Cemetery $192.97; total: $53,840.40. Motion to approve Abstract #02 by Trustee Moshier, 2nd by Trustee Leonard – all voted yes.
  • Property tax collection, to date, totaled $295,256.20.
  • A letter of gratitude received from Garden Club was shared with Board.

Mayor Frohne – Devised a water leak notification form, as requested by Doug Bordinger. It is a step by step procedure including the responsibilities of water treatment plant operator and village office staff. The Mayor approved the mandatory CPR training for Department of Public Works employees held last week.

Motion to commence an Executive Session for the purpose of discussing employee performance with possible disciplinary consequences at 8:43pm by Trustee Leonard, 2nd by Trustee Bordinger – all voted yes.

Motion to conclude Executive Session with no action taken and not to return to open session for the conduct of further Village business at 9:15pm by Trustee Leonard, 2nd by Trustee Bordinger – all voted yes.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:15pm by Trustee Leonard, 2nd by Trustee Bordinger– all voted yes.

Respectfully submitted,

Dayle A. Barra, Village Clerk