August 11, 2015

August 11, 2015


August 11, 2015 in the Public Library Memorial Room.

Elected Officers – Mayor Ronald A. Frohne II, Trustee Robin Moshier, Trustee Frances Hazelton, Trustee Warren Leonard, and Trustee Donna Bordinger.

Appointed Officers – Dayle A. Barra, Clerk & Harriett Geywits, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer.

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by Mayor Frohne, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Property Maintenance Hearing:

Motion to declare the following properties, as reported by ZEO, a public nuisance and authorize remediation pursuant to Property Maintenance Code § 207-9 of Village Code by Trustee Moshier, 2nd by Trustee Leonard. Trustees Moshier, Hazelton, Leonard, Bordinger and Mayor Frohne voted yes.

8 James St

Motion to approve minutes from 7/29/2015 by Trustee Hazelton, 2nd by Trustee Bordinger – all voted yes.

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer – Harriett Geywits

  • Gould Avenue signage request discussed.

Clerk – Dayle Barra

  • Abstract #05 Funds: General $8026.82, Water $2666.18, Sewer $9778.70, Cemetery $364.39; total: $20,836.09. Motion to approve Abstract #05 by Trustee Leonard, 2nd by Trustee Moshier – all voted yes.
  • July 2015 Clerk fees collected and submitted to Treasurer totaled $124.00.
  • Property tax collections, to date, $508,971.90.
  • Parkview Liquor License 30-day notice of renewal received postmarked 7/31/15.
  • Garden Club members expressed concern over dogs being tethered to the water spigot. Discussion followed.
  • July 2015 Fire Department report distributed.

Mayor Frohne – Proposed light equipment operator pay scale.

Trustee Bordinger – In the interest of better serving her community, Trustee Bordinger requests participation in the Fall 2015 NYCOM Training School. Trustee Hazelton expressed that the training materials provided at these training classes would a wealth of knowledge and be beneficial to all officials, especially in light of the trending times government municipalities are facing. Motion to approve Trustee Bordinger attending the Fall NYCOM Training School in Lake Placid and cover conference/class costs, mileage, and lodging for the 4-night stay up to $1250 by Trustee Leonard, 2nd by Trustee Moshier – all voted yes.

Trustee Leonard – Inquired on Cemetery liability.

Trustee Hazelton and Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Geywits excused themselves at this time for a previous Community Service commitment.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:13pm by Trustee Moshier, 2nd by Trustee Leonard – all voted yes.

Respectfully submitted,

Dayle A. Barra, Village Clerk