October 6, 2015 Special Meeting

October 6, 2015 Special Meeting


A special meeting of the Board of Trustees was called by Mayor Ronald A. Frohne II for 5:00 pm. October 6, 2015 in the Village Office, all Trustees having been notified.


Elected Officers:  Mayor Ronald A. Frohne II; Trustee Robin Moshier, Trustee Frances Hazelton; Trustee Warren Leonard; Trustee Donna Bordinger

Appointed Officers:    Harriett Geywits, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

 Meeting was called to order by Mayor Frohne at 5:10 pm opening with discussion on the acceptance of the street paving bid by Hanson Aggregates.  At the previous regular Board Meeting on September 30th, the three paving bids were opened and discussed, Hanson Aggregates having the lowest bid.  It was decided at that time that no bids would be accept.  The DPW had become aware of additional work that would need to be completed on the upper part of Cary Park Road before any paving could be done there.

Superintendent Collins had consulted with Hanson and was told that it was permissible to add or subtract form the bid without seeking a new bid.  The DPW is working on the necessary repairs at present.

Motion made by Trustee Moshier, seconded by Trustee Leonard to award the contract to Hanson Aggregates for partial completion of the original specifications being the completion of work on Walnut Street for $2,745.00 and the Warren and William Street Intersection of $2745.00.  It will be requested that when DPW work is completed on the upper section of Cary Park Road, Hanson Aggregates will apply a binder coat over the area for the winter season.  A verbal estimate on this was at a cost of less than $2000.  The remaining pavement work on Cary Park Road is to be bid out in the spring. All were in favor.

Motion for adjournment made by Trustee Moshier, seconded by Trustee Bordinger.  All were in favor.  Meeting adjourned at 5:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Harriett Geywits, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer