October 30, 2018

October 30, 2018


October 30, 2018 in the Public Library Memorial Room.

Present: Elected Officers Mayor Robin Moshier, Trustees Peyton Carter, Kevin Putnam,
Barbara Wahl-Shypski & Lucas VanRiper

Appointed Officers Clerk Dayle A. Barra and Deputy Treasurer Harriett Geywits

Also Present: Members of the public

Mayor Moshier welcomed attendees and commenced meeting at 7:02pm followed by The Pledge of Allegiance.

Joseph Roberts, Zoning Enforcement Officer, reported on a safety issue with a two trees on bank-owned property at 29 Monticello Street. There seems to be a change of ownership between the bank and HUD delaying remedy of this situation.

Motion to declare dead trees at 29 Monticello Street property a public nuisance and authorize remediation pursuant to Property Maintenance Village Code §207-9 of by Trustee Carter, 2nd by Trustee Wahl-Shypski– all voted yes.

Mayor Moshier, Joseph Coan, Maureen Blanchard, and representatives from Department of Transportation held a ‘Main Street Summit’ to discuss safety concerns and possibilities to rectify. Maureen was able to secure a radar speed device through grant monies for the Village. The Board expressed gratitude.

Mayor Moshier announced the resigning of Department of Public Works Superintendent, Ajay VanTassel, and advertisement to fill the position is in place.

Motion to approve meeting minutes from 10/9 and Special Meeting of 10/24 by Trustee Putnam, 2nd by Trustee Carter – all voted yes.

Cemetery Sexton Harriett Geywits

Motion to approve monument restoration quote from Cherry Valley Memorials dated 10/24/18 in the amount of $3891 with half down ($1945.50) to start and payment of the other half post project completion by Trustee Carter, 2nd by Trustee VanRiper – all voted yes.

Clerk Barra

Motion to approve Abstract #12, as follows, by Trustee Carter, 2nd by Trustee Putnam – all voted yes.

General Fund 12,746.23
Water Fund 2695.97
Sewer Fund 4356.56
Trust & Agency 82.64
Total $19,881.40

Motion to approve Stewart’s new signage as submitted blue prints exhibit by Trustee Putnam, 2nd by Trustee Carter – all voted yes.

Village Office as well as Village Departments are closed Friday November 23rd, day after Thanksgiving.
Clerk Barra placed a legal ad in ‘The Daily Star’ notifying 2019 Annual Election information (Trustee 2-year term with two open seats.)
Property tax collection, to date, is $521,528.67.

Trustee Carter

Motion to approve Retainer Agreement from Peter W. Hobaica, Esq., for $200/hour (5-hour limit) to investigate and research status of Woodside Park Trust by Trustee Carter, 2nd by Trustee VanRiper – all voted yes.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 7:42pm by Trustee Putnam, 2nd by Trustee Wahl-Shypski – all voted yes.

Respectfully submitted,

Dayle A. Barra, Village Clerk