December 11, 2018

December 11, 2018


December 11, 2018 in the Public Library Memorial Room.

Present: Elected Officers Mayor Robin Moshier, Trustees Peyton Carter, Kevin Putnam, Barbara Wahl-Shypski & Lucas VanRiper.

Appointed Officers Clerk Dayle A. Barra and Deputy Treasurer Harriett Geywits

Also Present: Members of the public

Mayor Moshier welcomed attendees and commenced meeting at 7:00pm followed by The Pledge of Allegiance.

Zoning Enforcement Officer, Joseph Roberts, recounted events leading up to the removal of the single-wide mobile home from Center Street that posed an imminent health hazard.

Trustee Wahl-Shypski continues to gather ideas for upgrading Spring Park sign. Comments were welcomed from the public. A sales representative will give a presentation at an upcoming meeting for further information.

While working with Treasurer Seamon to file the annual update document with the State Comptroller’s office, Trustee Carter learned of the (John) Tisdale Trust of $4000 for Lakeview Cemetery plot adornment that former Cemetery Commission provided. Since the dissolution of the commission such care has not been performed and, as a result, it’s deemed unfair for the Board to hold the funds.

Motion to close the Certificate of Deposit and credit the funds and accrued interest totaling $4300 to Tisdale family by Trustee Carter, 2nd by Trustee VanRiper – all voted yes.

Complete Streets Committee member, Trustee Kevin Putnam, and Maureen Blanchard, Project Director Creating Healthy Schools and Communities, recapped events from last week’s meeting. Next they plan to perform a village-wide sidewalk assessment.

Motion to approve meeting minutes from 11/27 by Trustee Putnam, 2nd by Trustee Wahl-Shypski – all voted yes.

Clerk Barra
Motion to approve Abstract #15, as follows, by Trustee Carter, 2nd by Trustee Putnam – all voted yes.
General Fund 21,322.81
Water Fund 9334.31
Sewer Fund 18,648.82
Cemetery 41.19
Total $49,347.13

November 2018 Clerk fees totaled $45; check for same to treasurer 12/3/2018.
Mr. Larry Jouben furnished 2019 calendars once again this year and we extend our gratitude for his kind gesture.

Clerk Barra requested the office be closed a half day Friday December 21st and Monday Christmas Eve. Following a brief discussion, the Board designated the following as additional holiday paid time off for 2018:

12/21 4 hours
12/24 4 hours
12/31 8 hours

Ron Crist informed Board members of Department of Public Works accidentally damaged a part of his driveway while plowing last week. He spoke with Joe Coan of the DPW who said they will fix the driveway in the spring.

Trustee Wahl-Shypski

Continues to gather information on constable requirements and Spring Park sign options.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:10pm by Mayor Moshier, 2nd by Trustee Carter – all voted yes.

Respectfully submitted,

Dayle A. Barra, Village Clerk