December 27, 2018

December 27, 2018


December 27, 2018 in the Public Library Memorial Room.

Present: Elected Officers Mayor Robin Moshier, Trustees Peyton Carter, Kevin Putnam, Barbara Wahl-Shypski & Lucas VanRiper.

Appointed Officers Clerk Dayle A. Barra, Treasurer Julie Seamon & Cemetery Sexton Harriett Geywits

Also Present: Members of the public

Mayor Moshier welcomed attendees and commenced meeting at 7:00pm followed by The Pledge of Allegiance.

Amy Wyant, Clean Energy Community Coordinator with Mohawk Valley Economic Development District, offered information for street light conversion to LED lighting and exchanged conversations related to the process of converting as well as answers to the questions from both the Board and attendees. She has gathered enough information to reach out to New York Power Authority for quotes which will be presented at an upcoming meeting.

Trustee Wahl-Shypski has provided materials and information for Spring Park sign replacement considerations.

Motion to replace existing sign in Spring Park with a non-digitized sign to conform to existing aesthetics by Trustee Wahl-Shypski, 2nd by Trustee Carter – all voted yes.

Motion to approve meeting minutes from 12/11 by Trustee Carter, 2nd by Trustee VanRiper – all voted yes.

Treasurer Seamon spoke of the progress of QuickBooks financial accounting and completed filing the Annual Update Document. Going forward, she will provide Board members with monthly financial reports that are coherent with bank reconciliations.

It was noted that the Otsego County Treasurer’s Office utilizes a governmental accounting software program which is streamlined with annual state required reporting and monthly internal financial reports, something QuickBooks cannot provide.

Clerk Barra

Motion to approve Abstract #16, as follows, by Trustee Carter, 2nd by Trustee Putnam – all voted yes.
General Fund           52,431.79
Water Fund                6084.65
Sewer Fund                8890.52
Trust & Agency             82.64
Total                       $67,489.60

Trustee Carter

The Village holds a Community Development bank account with approximately $66,000 remaining.
Motion to close the Community Development account and move the monies to the A Fund, to be reflected on the balance sheets by Trustee Carter, 2nd by Trustee Putnam – all voted yes.

Attorney Hobaica informed Trustee Carter that Woodside Park is owned by Proctor William Munson Institute but they decline from wanting to keep the land. Motion to further retain Attorney Hobaica legal services for an additional $450 to transfer the Woodside Park deed to the Village of Richfield Springs by Trustee Carter, 2nd by Trustee Putnam – all voted yes.

Trustee Carter wishes to initiate quotes to survey the land at Woodside Park. Clerk Barra will facilitate in setting that up as well as getting the land surveyed for the property behind DPW, which has been claimed in the past to not be owned by the Village.

Trustee Putnam, Complete Streets Committee member, reported the village-wide sidewalk assessment was performed. Discussion followed and Mayor Moshier will draft a notice in The PennySaver reminding all property owners the upkeep of sidewalks on their property is their sole responsibility.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:04pm by Trustee Wahl-Shypski, 2nd by Trustee Putnam – all voted yes.

Respectfully submitted,

Dayle A. Barra, Village Clerk