Department of Public Works
Anthony Bourne, Superintendent

Water Treatment Plant
Douglas J. Bordinger, Superintendent

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Chris Butler, Certified Chief Operator

Volunteer Fire Department
Fire Chief Mark Elderkin

Lake View Cemetery
Harriett Geywits, Sexton

Public Services

Our Department of Public Works does more for the people of Richfield Springs than maintain our streets, though that is their primary responsibility. With only three full-time and one part-time member they not only keep our streets plowed in the winter and clean in the summer; they maintain our parks and municipal buildings all year round, are on hand to deal with water main leaks and other problems should they occur, and take the initiative to help citizens keep their properties clean by picking up leaves and lawn debris, as the season dictates.

The dedicated volunteers of the Richfield Springs Fire Department presently serve the residents of Richfield Springs, the Town of Richfield, and the Town of Warren, providing both fire and ambulance services.

Village Court is now being held at the Public Library basement floor on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday at 6:30. District Attorney is 4th Tuesday at 5:30pm. Phone: 315-858-2048 Fax: 315-858-0750

Our Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants serve about 1,500 people, with an average of 140,000 gallons per day and the capacity for more. In 1994-1995 the present water treatment facility was constructed, with a system wide storage capacity of 700,000 gallons. Our Waste Water Treatment Plant was built in 1972, resulting in the clean up of Canadarago Lake, and is presently undergoing, along with our waste water collection system, an upgrade, thanks to New York States Environmental Facilities Corporation and Federal stimulus funding. This upgrade includes solar panels, an environmentally and economically friendly addition.

There are a number of local laws requiring enforcement: property maintenance and parking regulations being the most common. These local laws are enforced both by our local Zoning Enforcement Officer and the Otsego County Codes Office. Citizens who have a complaint may register it at the Village Office. Property Maintenance and Building Code concerns can also be forwarded to the County.

The Village Codes can be found on the Village Office page.

Zoning Laws are in effect regulating land use in the village. While Otsego County handles building permits, before the County Codes Officer will approve a permit, an applicant must apply through the Village Office for Land Use Approval. Our Zoning Enforcement Officer will evaluate these requests according to the letter of the law. If for some reason the request must be denied, a land owner may apply to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance.

Lake View Cemetery is a municipal cemetery under New York State Village Law, Article 15. The Richfield Springs Village Board of Trustees is responsible for the cemetery’s maintenance and regulation. Contact the Village Office for cemetery business.

In May of 2009 the full boards of the Village of Richfield Springs, the Town of Richfield, and the Richfield Springs Central School district met in an open meeting to discuss possibilities for shared services. After discussion, members agreed to establish a joint committee composed of two members from each board, which has since met regularly. While our local governments have historically made every effort to help one another and avoid redundancies, a sort of informal shared services to save the people money, this committee is looking at ways to get shared services grants for particular projects, such as a youth ball-field, and in general to foster communication between local officials. Visit the RSCS web site.

• If you know you’ll be out of town several months at a time, consider turning off your water. While there is a $20 fee, it will save you money in the long run.

Remember there is no overnight parking during winter months. No matter the time of day, if it snows, please move your car off the road. No Village on-street parking from November 1st thru May 1st 2-6am. Tickets will be issued.

Snowmobilers are presently welcome in the Village as long as they remain on designated streets. Please stay off sidewalks and private property.

Homeowners are asked to keep their sidewalks clear for the safety of pedestrians.

DPW will remove Christmas trees placed along the street after the holidays.

Remember to keep lawns mowed and property free of debris and accumulated junk.

DPW will pick up of lawn debris (in bags) and branches under 4 ft on every Monday.

DPW will pick up clean leaves piled along the road. Times to be announced.


• If you’d like to use the bandstand for an event, be sure to apply several weeks ahead of time so the Board has time to approve the event. Call the office for more details.

• We now have a Dog Control Officer, Mark Yerdon. If you’ve a dog related concern leave a message for Mr. Yerdon at the Village Office. He enforces our local dog control laws (see Village Code Sec 10, Article IV) and NY State Ag. and Market Laws.


State and Federal regulations, along with local law (since the 1970’s), prohibit the discharge of rain or ground water into the sanitary sewer system.

Check to make sure the water in your basement is being properly drained. If you aren’t sure where any water in your basement goes (and in our Village there is likely to be water in your basement from time to time), then please find out.

So be safe and check your basement, especially before rains hit in the fall and definitely before the snow melts this spring.

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